Small & Medium Businesses

“The new phone system was easy to set up and the installation was done professionally on 50 computers for my company and team. Because we were able to pay for the system outright, it took away the additional monthly burden of having to pay fees for phone sets and pay per use features. Including the long distance, that has shown a consistent trend in savings. In addition it encompassed a total solution for shared costs allowing us to run multiple companies off of one system.The phone system is simple yet highly functional. The training provided to our team was professional yet personal to each of the business needs between companies. It created great ease for staff to adapt to the changeover.

I would highly recommend this team of professionals the opportunity to offer a tremendous cost savings formula and technology to your business. It’s a reliable, practical solution that works!

Thank you!”

– Allan from Calculated Design

If you’re a small or medium business owner/employee looking to cut your current business phone costs, please get in touch.

Large/Enterprise Businesses

“Discount Car and Truck Rental was looking to replace an aging phone system at our head office. We needed a system that could handle our needs, specifically we have 150 people at our head office, including two call center ACD systems, with multiple remote agents.

We met with Fibernetics and they presented their NEWT Digital Managed PBX system. We liked the fact that they were the carrier and the PBX provider, no more finger pointing or passing the buck if we had any issues. They also had a full featured ACD that met our call centre requirements.

The Fibernetics team made sure everything was taken care of, our staff was fully trained prior to switching, and we had no interruption of our business when we made the switch.

We’ve never had any regrets since switching over to Fibernetics. The voice quality is great, we’ve had no outages, and they’re always innovating and staying current with the latest features, all included at no extra charge.

We don’t require a dedicated resource for managing the phone system any more. The NEWT system includes simple web-based interfaces that lets even our nontechnical admin staff access and make changes when required. Reduces our load on our IT department, and is a major time saver.

We’re a fairly dynamic work place, and moves adds and changes to the phone system are quick and easy. We don’t have to call “the phone guys” to move a phone, we just unplug it in one area and plug it in the new area and it works – no fuss, no cost for moves.

We’ve realized savings of over $2,000 per month since switching. We’re looking to add more locations in the future to increase our savings even further.”

– Al from Discount Car & Truck Rental

If you’re a large/enterprise business owner/employee looking to cut your current business phone costs, please get in touch.



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