Frequently Asked Questions

Voice Services

1. What is a NEWT Managed PBX Phone System?

NEWT offers a digitally managed PBX or Business Phone system. This is a solution that is easily managed at your business location and runs over the NEWT private network platform. The NEWT PBX offers 80 features such as Auto Attendant greetings, voicemail-to-email and find-me follow-me to name a few.

2. I currently pay for my business phone lines through Bell; will I be doing the same with NEWT?

NEWT has found ways of making us stand out above the rest. We do not charge on a per line basis. As such you will only pay a monthly fee for the Voice Network Access Service. This fee varies depending on the type of service your phone system is running off of. Typically other carriers can charge upwards of $65 per line. With NEWT your monthly voice service costs can be reduced by as much as 80% – start saving today.

3. I am not familiar with how to operate a system such as this one, is it easy?

The team at NEWT doesn’t want to take anyone from a simple analog system and transition them into something more complex. NEWT provides all customers with extensive training, so that they have the ability to operate their system like a natural. Once they have mastered their NEWT PBX, they’ll wonder why they didn’t do it sooner.

4. Can I still keep my existing phone number?

Yes, NEWT covers most of Canada. If your business is located in a city within our network footprint, then porting your existing business number is not a problem at all. A NEWT representative will be able to provide you with porting information upon inquiry.

5. What if I have more than one location, can I have them all linked together somehow?

Yes, one of the many benefits of the NEWT PBX is that every business location that you may have can be linked together. By peering each system at each location, you have the ability to dial extension to extension between locations and the ability to make changes to each PBX no matter what business location you are at.

6. How quickly can I expect to get my system installed?

The NEWT team does their very best to meet everyone customers’ needs. You can usually expect the process to take roughly 4-6 weeks from the time the order is submitted and your system is installed. The NEWT team will always ensure we customize your order and timeline to suit your needs and expectations.

7. I currently use conference bridging through Bell, how will it work through your system?

Conferencing is a feature included with your NEWT PBX at no additional cost. You can easily manage your own conferencing at any time and include as many participants as needed.

8. What are your Long Distance and Toll Free rates?

Our North American long distance rate is 2 cents per minute and 2.9 cents per minute for toll free.

9. What is the difference between a NEWT Managed PBX – Business Phone System and other VoIP providers?

One of the key components that differentiate NEWT from other providers is that NEWT’s parent company Fibernetics Corp. have built their own private network, and have visibility of every call from start to finish. Your calls will never run over the public internet, which is why NEWT can guarantee optimal Quality of Service.

10. How does the NEWT Managed PBX Phone System compare to other PBX systems for features?

The NEWT Managed PBX Phone System currently offers over 80 of the most advanced PBX features on the market standard. Features include, voicemail, voicemail to email, find me follow me, fully moderated unlimited conference bridging, unlimited auto attendants, unlimited extensions, real time CDR’s, call recording, remote extensions, mobile integration, and many, many more. NEWT is always innovating to be the leader in PBX functionality in the market.

11. Is the quality good? I’ve heard that VoIP is not good quality.

Yes. NEWT Managed PBX Phone System delivers outstanding call quality, often an improvement to legacy land lines. In most instances for business applications, traditional VoIP technology cannot deliver premium quality cost effectively, over a capacity of 2 or 3 lines due to limitations in the most common implementations of VoIP technology, and the fact that the service is delivered over the public internet. NEWT Managed PBX Business Phone System utilizes proprietary and open source technology, combined with the benefit of a private managed network, to ensure great voice quality.

12. What happens if my internet goes down?

Because of the design of the NEWT Managed PBX Phone System, local connectivity issues will not affect your customers trying to reach you. The calls are answered by an auto-attendant that resides in the core NEWT voice network, and are routed to your PBX. In the event that there is a local condition that effects the ability of your PBX to connect with the NEWT Managed PBX core network, calls are simply routed to a pre-configured “offline” number (like your cell phone) or they will follow your pre-established Find Me Follow Me call forwarding rules if enabled.

13. Who makes the NEWT Managed PBX Phone System ?

NEWT assembles the Managed PBX Phone System themselves, here in Canada. Their solution uses commercial best of breed equipment for their PBX customer premise equipment from manufacturers like Dell Canada and Cisco. The phones are manufactured by Polycom, an internationally recognized global leader in IP telephony.