Imaging Assessment


Image-N enabling your team to achieve and exceed company goals!

Image-N’s Imaging Assessment encompasses three fundamental elements of document management:

  • Capture (the creation of information)
  • Transform (how information moves around a business)
  • Manage (processing information in a way to add business value)

We study how your business accesses, uses and stores both print and electronic information. By looking at your devices and printed information, we work to optimize that infrastructure to make sure your employees have the right support to do their jobs effectively.

If key information related to business intelligence and strategic planning is buried in the wrong form, it’s useless. Today’s workers can’t excel without the systems and processes to best manage information for them. Image-N’s recommendation helps businesses:

  • Respond faster for better customer satisfaction
  • Get more value out of information
  • Get the best return on your investment

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